Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thank God for John!

It's too long since I've posted and what better way to return than to be positive!

I just felt the need to place on record (before as many people as possible) my sincere thanks to John Gowans for his contribution to the song book. Since the end of January we have been out of our hall (due to planned maintenance) and are not due to return until the end of April.

All of the songs we normally use, apart from the songbook, are only available via projection and our projector is ceiling mounted not portable. We've been worshipping in a lovely URC church hall and have only been able to use SA songbooks for worship. (I didn't want to waste paper printing off songsheets every week).

We have three new converts in our corps family, two are recovering alcoholics, one of whom has only been out of detox for two weeks, in looking for songs I have constantly found myself returning to those penned by retired General JG! He came to give us life - someone cares - kneeling in penitence - if you want it it's yours - there is a message - there's no other name - knowing my failings - how much more - who is it tells me what to do... and so I could go on.

Some poets take simple things and make them complicated whilst others, like John Gowans, take complicated things and make them simple!

Thank God for John!

Grace and peace, A